Our Process

Screening Process:

We normally work on projects in the range of $250k to $10 million USD, which are professionally produced. But will consider projects at $50k, and above if they are exceptional.

1.  Send Us your proposal: Standard Proposal, Business Plan, Pitch Deck, Executive Summary, Video or Poster.

2. Will Review your project and get in touch in 3-5 Business days. Via e-mail, phone or text.

3. Schedule a Phone call, skype or zoom.

4. You will pitch your idea in more detail, and provide Q & A.

5. Will ask you more hard questions : ) and then ask you to come meet in person.

6. Will Screen your project for risk for investors, funding opportunity and options, and the fun experience of working on your project.

7. Will sign u as a new client and provide feedback for improvement.