Investor’s & Partners

If you are an angel investor or VC & business partner.

Why invest In Film, Games, Media or Entertainment Industry?  That is a great question.

Although, some people aim to shoot blind. We focus on a target with specific goals in mind, where not just hoping for the best. We have a realistic approach to see returns and make sure our goals are realized.

Contact us here if you are interested in investing:  Entertainment and media projects: In Sports, Film, apps, and games.

All our projects will be vetted, to include:

  • Entrepreneur Business Plan & Marketing Plan *
  • Pitch Deck
  • PRO- Forma (Financials) Balance Sheet, Cash Flow.
  • Distribution Plan or Distribution contract for film*
  • Key Cast crew, or team, entrepreneur, game makers, promoters etc.
  • Tax Credit: If any Guarantee percent of money 30%- 50%- Guarantee Prior to Revenue. (In the majority of projects)
  • Projection Completion Bond Insurance (will be provided).
  • Previous success, a portfolio of what filmmakers and entrepreneur have done.
  • Collateral such as Minimum Guarantee, Negative pick up, Pre-sale Estimates or Sales estimates.

Our goal is to reduce the risk for investors and partners and help the filmmakers, producers, artist, entrepreneurs complete their projects on time and on budget.

Why Game apps, are a good investment?

The graph shows the U.S. Portable game software by revenue and by type of device.

Not only is the market large. But the consistency and the residual income, once a game is created provides for long-term benefit.

We will disclose every benefit and disadvantage of every project with the investor, to create an ongoing safe and trusting relationship.

That theirs risk associated with every form of investment or project. So we advise investors, to consult their lawyers, accountant, and financial advisors prior to making any financial decision.