Our Team is Different:

Mr.Richard Encarnacion, MBA, Ph.D. – CEO

Richard has over 10 years of management, sales, finance, and entertainment. His first job in the entertainment industry was as a. Production Assistant in the independent film the shed. To eventually editing and producing the short indie film “Bad Decision”.  After obtaining his BA in Media in Film and CGI and VFX. He landed a Job at dotstudio PRO. Projects:  Hardknocks MMA, Vidcon Stream, Emmy’s.  Richard, also worked as a professor, at SDUIS in San Diego. Director of Sales and Marketing at the CFM. Then COO of Watchmybud a technology company.  And know CEO of ‘The RDE GROUP”, the world first arts consulting and capital placement firm in the Indie Market.

 Yintai Li, MBA- Director of Marketing

Yintai is a Marketing Genious. He graduated from Beijing University in China. He always thought about art, films, and animation. When his friends, were taking school more serious about math. He wanted to find out, why do people like art? Simple question, hard solution. He is also a Graduate of Alliant International University where he met Richard, in his strategic marketing class. And both have been friends to this day. Yintai has over 3 years of experience in banking working in banks in China and also as a marketing consultant to companies in China and other international markets.


To be Hired- Operations Manager


To be Hired- Executive Assistant


To be Hired-Relationship Specialist