What happens? when you mix the most innovative ideas with the right business strategies and principles? You get an amazing project.¬† ‘The RDE GROUP’, you get the most innovative entertainment firm in the world.

For years…

The Hollywood¬†system and filmmakers have had to rely on complex financing solutions to solve the ‘unknown’ of raising capital for film, and promotion for projects within the entertainment industry.

The RDE GROUP aims to demystify this process, along creating innovative projects, launching projects and developing the design and business fundamentals into new ventures within the film, gaming, and other media & entertainment spaces.

We are here to help the creatives: The filmmakers, the Game makers, the producers, the artist. To add the ‘Business” in Entertainment Business.

Many Creatives, want to focus on the art: which we prefer. Since we are going to focus on the business, which makes art enjoyable.

And having fun while working this process. : )