About Us

There no can’t in “The RDE GROUP” if the project is innovative, professionally produced or made and has good people. We are looking forward to speaking with you, no idea is to out of reach. As long as sound business principles are added to the mix.

We firmly believe, that with the right combination of Consulting, advice and business strategy even the “weirdest of ideas” can work.

Our focus is on the entertainment industry and what is currently happening, we want to be the heartbeat of the system.  We want to be known for the solution we provide, the advice and the success of our partners and clients.

If you are a filmmaker or a gaming developer even a sports promoter. We want to work with you, find out how we bring the smiles back to the art. By letting you do art, and us to do the business.

Even if you want to distribute your project, raise capital, or show your project in theaters. You need a partner, who understands your unique vision.