The RDE Group

The RDE GROUP, focus is on the “Indie Market” in the entertainment industry, so if your an independent film producer, developer of app games or projects we are here to get your project launched.

Our value proposition: We aim to solve the underlying problem in the entertainment industry.

  1. Fragmented financing and unknown process to get a project made, distributed and marketed.
  2. Provide industry support, consultation and connections.

Getting a distribution deal, obtaining access to financing, or marketing their project in the entertainment industry. To launch a project to millions of viewers and consumers around the world.

What happens? when you mix the most innovative ideas with the right business strategies and principles? You get an amazing project.

For years…

The Hollywood system and filmmakers have had to rely on creative financing and complex solutions to solve the ‘unknown’ of raising capital for film, documentaries, games, sports events.

But “The RDE GROUP’ aims to demystify this process, and work on an industry standard format of raising capital for professional projects within the ‘Entertainment Industry’.

Many creatives, want to focus on the art. And we are focused on the business, of art.

And have fun while doing it, : )