The RDE Group

The focus of the RDE GROUP is the “New Market” in the entertainment industry, so if your an independent film producer, game creator, Entrepreneur, or have an event. We can help.

Our value proposition: We aim to solve the underlying problem in the entertainment industry. By providing the following: professional project presentation, project business model development,  Audience & Fan Building, project partnership development and project resources.

  1. Development of professional projects, including project presentation. Business model structure. Including Pitch Deck, business plan or other.
  2. Consult and connect with key decision makers or companies, or other resources.
  3. Develop targeted goals for projects and expectations.
  4. Finding the right target audience & fan base to development strategy.
  5. Monetization strategy and pro forma.
  6. Social media marketing and direct communication with stakeholders.

What happens, when you mix the most innovative ideas with the right business strategies and principles?  You get massive results, RDE Group difference.

RDE Group, Aim is to target specific areas of the entertainment sector present, capitalize, communicate and capture niches for entertainment entrepreneurs to meet their artistic, financial and project visions.

Many creatives, want to focus on the art. And we are focused on the business, of art.

And have fun while doing it, : )