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Your company story, with the RDE GROUP across the globe.

As a Global organization, RDE GROUP, primary focus is on helping companies capture a piece of the market place.

 More than just consulting, design, video or advertising. The RDE GROUP, helps organizations understand the current economic and digital market place. What are customers expecting in the market place? An how are your competitors taking market share?  More importantly, how to compete and get ahead! Our firm specializes in capturing market share, and because of that we have developed a few proprietary tools. Which help us accomplish this for our clients.

How do we make this happen?

First, we utilize a re-verse engineering approach to understand the current climate or situation, that our customer's are facing, this could mean the process or operation of the business, we consult with our clients. An ask a series of questions, which will allow us to better determine the current problem our client has. Some times, a client could say they have a cash flow problem. But after we research and see the operation of the business, we could find out is actually an operation issue or alternative issue which our client has not considered.

Essentially, is our job to discover the actual problem and develop a long term solution. This is due in part to understanding business systems, so essentially. We have created an approach to business, which we implement for our clients so that we can get our client from their current situation. An help them get into the path they want to go, this is the most important part of the process for us as a firm.

What does our firm actually do?


We incorporate proprietary solutions, developed by Mr. Richard Encarnacion, MBA and Amazon best-selling author of Newbies Consulting. Mr. Encarnacion has worked for some of the Largest organizations in the United States, Including the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Postal Service, McDonald Corporation, and smaller organizations, such as CCC, Boys and Girls Club, John Harvard Academy.  In the Events field, Mr. Encarnacion, has helped with Emmy's, CES Los Vegas, Vidcon, Streamcon, Hardknocks MMA, among other events either as a Digital Marketer, Event Promoter, or Designer.  

Within the last 10 years, he has helped hundreds of small, medium and large organizations. Increase productivity, hire better people, promote events, or overall improve how the organization operates.   He brings, that experience. To work today, with the RDE GROUP. Even though The RDE GROUP, is a new company, the amount of experience in the industry is unmatched. Not just because of the unique amount of experience and overall body of work. The RDE GROUP today, is position in the market as a Unique firm. OFFERING TO CAPTURE MARKET SHARE!  

Some of the key benefits of working with the RDE GROUP include the following:

  1. Over 10 years of experience working with small, medium and large organizations.  

  2. Proven success, our consulting company experiences an 85% success rate utilizing our services, where the average industry success rate is below 20%.  

  3. Examples and solutions that work, at the RDE GROUP. The systems and solutions we recommend have been proven to work time and time again.  
  4. Save time: no trial and error, this can be one of the most expensive and time-consuming reasons why you need a firm like our.  

  5. Specialize in problem-solving and growing your market share. The RDE GROUP, we just do what helps our clients move forward and improve their chances of success.  

How are we different from other firms?


We specialize on solving problems, we don't have a cookie-cutter solution. Our firm plan of action will be unique to your organization needs, it will be re-engineered to understand the in's and out's of your firm. From employees, sales, process, systems, everything. There will not be a stone, unturned.   Everything, we do at the RDE GROUP. From the time we speak to our clients, to the questions and the process, are all proprietary solutions from the RDE GROUP.   Currently the 1st firm in this field.

Although, we can seem familiar, because of the types of services and the amount of company in the consulting industry.   We don't offer the same service, training, experience or solutions. It's all customized and tailored to fit our client's needs, and we ensure that each of our clients, understand what to expect from the initial call to the final deliverables.

How do we help business solve there problem?


From the moment, we select you as a client. That is the moment, we start working on your behalf. We don't just want an overview of the problem, we investigate from the inside-out. That way, we build a lasting solution, we don't just want to solve the apparent problem. We want to work together with our clients, to consider best approaches, best practices. That will help save our clients, time, money, and resources. Our consultants are trained in-house in the most comprehensive training available. Each consultant in our firm has a minimum of an MBA with at least 5 years of experience. They undergo a rigorous training program. Which helps us to determine, if they have the skills to help our clients.

In addition to this, the top consultants of our firms are also actively in the field and in the world of business to ensure, they have studied all the latest trends and challenges that business owners face on a day to day basis. The top consultants in our firms, also have a teaching background and are actively learning new information, as professors and subject matter experts.  

All of our consultants are in the United States and have graduated from Top USA University in the top 3% of their class. This in combination, with using enterprise level software, having over 10 years of experience from our Managing consultant, and developed proprietary solutions to solve customers problems. You can be assured we are the right firm, to solve your challenges.

Who can we help? Or what are the common challenges we solve?

  1. Small Firms who want to gain consistent clients, but don't understand how to market effectively without spending money on ineffective advertising, or promotions.
  2. Medium size organization who has a technology event, who wants to make sure they have 1,000 developers attend from around the country within 4 months and they only have 2 ½ months before the event starts and they only have 200 people signed up for the event.
  3. A large firm, who needs to train there employees on cultural awareness or cultural management, because they work with people from different countries.
  4. A country, who wants to promote an event or promote tourism.
  5. A cruise-line, which is trying to grow tourism to travel to a certain destination.
  6. A company who wants to attract a specific, customer who would be interested in buying their products or services.
  7. Companies trying to create marketing exposure, and increase sales by doing advertising and promotion.
  8. And many other services, which might seem complex, to your company, organization or government. We can help solve your problem.
  9. A firm that wants to market on billboard, Television or radio.
  10. A National Marketing campaign or International Marketing campaign.
  11. If you want to advertise on Airports, trains, busses, etc.

Our firm current language offering: English, Spanish, Mandarin & Cantonese.


If you speak another language and need an interpreter, please send us an e-mail with the language requirements. we will get an interpreter, to help.   The RDE GROUP, does charge an hourly rate for consulting. If you need an interpreter, you will be charged, the RDE GROUP consulting rate in addition to the interpretation rate.  

We are a premium consulting firm, that does not leave any stone unturned to solve the upmost problems for our clients.

(Please Note: We have a qualification process.) Potential clients, can be turned down, based on number of reasons.



If you require a service, which we have not listed below. We also offer custom rates, for services which are unique to your needs. Please call for a quote today, thank you. We look forward to seeing you at the TOP.




We understand that each business, has a unique set of challenges, that are not the same as everybody else. So we put together, a set of services and tools that are not available in any company. Life is hard enough, without having extra obstacles. This is where we come in, our services. Are tailored to your business, just answer a few questions for us and let us do the rest!

Online Marketing

Tailored Consulting

Customer Research

Video & Design


Our process is unique, customized and fits your needs.


Not just another consulting agency, we specialize in small business with 500 or less employees. Who want to get their business to the next level. Our goal, is to develop a long term solution, not just a one size fits all approach. Which is the key of understanding your customer needs and the market place.


Using our proprietary resources, we have developed key strategies. To help small business owners, first understand the current challenges that they are facing, once these key indicators have been identified. We can work on developing the plan, to solve these problems.


As consultants, we have over 10 years of experience, working together with small business. Our expert have not only experience, but are MBA's, DBA in their field. While helping represent some of the biggest events in the world, Emmy's, Vidcom, CES with our expertise.


From customized plans, to one on one consulting, coaching, staff training and education. We love what we do, and it shows. We want to create solutions to solve your business problems, from operations, sales process, training, management and marketing etc.




$2,599/ Month
(Reg Price $3,399)

2 1/2 Hours of business  consultation on phone or skype.

Customized business analysis

Advertising strategy.

Business plan revision.

Competition and market place research.


Starting at $2997

Explainer Video

Kickstarter Video

Commercial Video

Testimonial Video

Game Trailer Video


Designs starting at $599

Advertising starting at $1997


Logos & Brands

Mailers Design

Catalogue Or Brochures


And much more


Starting at $1497



Focus group

Online Survey


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